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Publications: Dr. Debajeet K. Bora

List of Publications

  1. Purvika Agarwal, Debajeet K. Bora, The photoelectrochemical Response of a Beta -Carotene Coated Hematite Nanoarchitecture Biophotoelectrode with Nano Octahedron and Cauliflower Type Morphologies”, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 166 (12), 2019, H541-H548.
  2. D. K. Bora*, U. Müller, D. Schreier, E.C. Constable, A. Braun, the highly electrochemically stable morphology of mesoscale flowerlike Co3O4 oriented aggregate (FLOA) for electrocatalytic water splitting, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 47,  2017.
  3. K. K. Gajda-Schrantz, P. P. Wyss, J. Ihssen, R. Toth, D. K. Bora, E. Vitol, E. A. Rozhkova, U. Pieles, L. Thöny Mayer, A. Braun, Hematite Photoanode co-functionalized with self-assembling melanin and C-phycocyanin for solar water splitting at neutral pH, Accepted Catalysis Today, 2016 [IF: 4.3123]. [*Contributed to the writing of manuscript and pioneering the development of hematite - phycocyanin bioconjugated electrode]
  4. E. Z. Eelanjegh, D. K. Bora, P. Rupper, S. Guimond, K. Schrantz, L. Thöny-Meyer, K. Maniura-Weber, M. Richter, J. Ihssen, G. Faccio, Affinity-Driven Immobilization of Proteins to Hematite Nanoparticles, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 8 (31), pp 20432–20439, 2016 [IF: 7.145]. [*contributed to the synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles in large scale]
  5. D. K. Bora*, The Photocathodic behavior of hierarchical ZnO / Hematite hetero nano architectures - ERRATUM, Journal of Materials Research 31, 11, 1554 – 1564, 2016. [IF 1. 579]
  6. D. K. Bora*, The Photocathodic behavior of hierarchical ZnO / Hematite hetero nano architectures, Journal of Materials Research 31, 11, 1554 – 1564, 2016. [IF 1. 579]
  7. N. Murray, R. M. Walliser, R. Toth, D. K. Bora, A. Braun, E. C. Constable, C. Housecroft, A self- assembled, multicomponent water oxidation device, Chem. Comm, 52, 2940-2943, 2016. [IF 6. 5674] [* Contributed to the GC experiment, detail data analysis and writing of the manuscript]
  8. A. Braun, Y. Hu, F. Boudoire, D. K. Bora, D. D. Sharma, M. Gratzel, C. Eggleston, The Electronic, chemical, electrocatalytic and intermediate processes on iron oxide surfaces during photoelectrochemical water splitting, Catalysis Today, 260, 72 – 81, 2016 [IF: 4.312] [* contributed to the writing of electronic structure of water at different temperatures and performed operando XAS experiment]
  9. G. Faccio, K. Gajda-Schrantz, J. Ihssen, F. Boudoire, Y. Hu, B. S. Mun, D. K. Bora, L. Thöny - Meyer, A. Braun, Charge transfer between photosynthetic proteins and hematite in bio-hybrid photoelectrodes for solar water splitting cells, Nano Convergence, 9 (2), 1 – 11, 2015. (*IF will come in 2016) [* Contributed to the writing of the manuscript with the pictorial description of an energy and charge transfer diagram in protein modified photoelectrodes]
  10. D. K. Bora*, Fabrication of Silicon doped Hematite photoelectrode with enhanced photocurrent density via solution processing of an in-situ TEOS modified Precursor, Mat. Sci. Semicon. Proc., 31, 728 – 738, 2015, times Cited= 0, IF: 2.264.
  11. A. Braun, F. Boudoire, D. K. Bora, G. Faccio, Y. Hu, A. Kroll, B. S Mun, S. T. Wilson, Biological components and bio – electronic interfaces of water splitting photoelectrodes for solar hydrogen production, Chemistry – A European Journal, 21, 4188 – 4199, 2015, times cited = 1, IF 5.771. [* Contributed to the writing of the manuscript in the section “the protein modified photoelectrodes”]
  12. J. Molenda, D. Baster, A. Milewska, K. Świerczek, D. K. Bora, A. Braun, J. Tobola, the Electronic origin of difference in discharge curve between LixCoO2 and NaxCoO2 cathodes, Solid State Ionics, 271, 15 – 27, 2015, times cited = 1, IF 2.380. [*Contributed to the NEXAFS data description of LixCoO2 ]
  13. A. Milewska, K. Świerczek, J. Tobola, F. Boudoire, Y. Hu, D. K. Bora, B. S. Mun, A. Braun, J. Molenda, The nature of nonmetal – metal transition in LixCoO2, Solid State Ionics, 263, 110 – 118, 2014, times cited = 4, IF 2.380 [* Contributed to the NEXAFS data description of LixCoO2 ]
  14. D. K. Bora, A. Braun, Solution processed transparent nanoparticulate ZnO thin film electrode for photoelectrochemical water oxidation, RSC Advances, 4, 23562-23570, 2014, times cited = 0, IF 3.289. # Publications from postdoctoral work at LBNL (02. 2012 – 05.2013)
  15. D. K. Bora *, X. Cheng, M. Kapilaschrami, P. A. Glans, J.-H. Guo, Influence of oxidation state, crystal structure, morphology, and ligand environment on XAS spectral characteristics in cobalt compounds, J. Synch. Rad. 22, 1450-1458, 2015. IF: 1.877.
  16. D. K. Bora *, P. A. Glans, J. Pepper, Y. Liu, C. Du, D. Wang, J. -H. Guo, A UHV electrochemical flow cell for in-situ / operando soft X-ray spectroscopy study, Rev. Sci. Inst., 85, 043106, 2014, times cited= 7, IF: 1.336. # Publications from Ph.D. thesis work at EMPA and University of Basel (03. 2009 – 01.2012)
  17. Y. Hu, D. K. Bora, F. Boudoire, F. Häussler, M. Graetzel, E. C. Constable, A. Braun, A dip coating process for large area silicon-doped high-performance hematite photoanodes, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 5, 043109, 2013, times cited = 7, IF 0.961.
  18. D. K. Bora, A. Braun, M. Steifel, R. Erni, U. Müller, M. Döbli, E. C. Constable, Hematite – NiO/α- Ni(OH)2 heterostructure photoanodes shows high electrocatalytic current density and charge storage capacity, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 15 (30), 12648 – 12659, 2013, times cited = 7, IF: 4.449.
  19. D. K. Bora, A. Braun and E. C. Constable, “In Rust We Trust”. Hematite – the prospective inorganic backbone for artificial photosynthesis, Energy. Environ. Sci., 6, 407-425, 2013, times cited = 74, IF: 25.427.
  20. D. K. Bora, Y. Hu, S. Thiess, S. Erat, X. Feng, S. Mukherjee, G. Fortunato, N. Gaillard, Rita Toth, K. Gajda-Schrantz, W. Drube, M. Grätzel, J. Guo, J. Zhu, E. C. Constable, D.D. Sarma, H. Wang, A. Braun, Between Photocatalysis and Photosynthesis: Synchrotron spectroscopy methods on molecules and materials for solar hydrogen generation, J. Electron Spectrosc, 190, 93 – 105, 2013, times cited = 5, IF: 1. 561.
  21. K. Gajda-Schrantz, S. Tymen, F. Boudoire, R. Toth, D. K. Bora, W. Calvet, M.Grätzel, E. C. Constable, and A. Braun, Formation of an electron hole doped film in the α-Fe2O3 photoanode upon electrochemical oxidation, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 15, 1443 – 1451, 2013, times cited = 13, IF: 4.449.
  22. A. Braun, K. Sivula, D.K. Bora, J. Zhu, L. Zhang, J. Guo, M. Grätzel, E. Constable, Direct observation of two electron holes in a hematite photoanode during photoelectrochemical water splitting, J. Phys. Chem. C, 116 (32), pp16870–16875, 2012, time cited = 47, IF: 4.509. Highlighted in ALS news, vol335, Read the full highlight: highlights/science-highlights/713
  23. A. Thankappan, M. Hari, S. Mathew, S. Ani Joseph, R. Erni, D. K. Bora, A. Braun, V.P.N. Nampoori, Synthesis of monocrystalline zinc oxide micro rods by wet chemical method for light confinement applications, Physica E, 44 (10), 2118 – 2123, 2012, times cited = 3, IF: 1.904.
  24. D. K. Bora, E. A. Rozhkova, K. Schrantz, P. P. Wyss, A. Braun, T. Graule and E. C. Constable, Functionalization of Nanostructured Hematite Thin Film Electrodes with the Light Harvesting Membrane Protein C- Phycocyanin yields Enhanced Photocurrent. Adv. Funct. Mater. 22 (3), 490 – 502, 2012, times cited = 25, IF: 11.382.
  25. D. K. Bora, S. Erat, A. Braun, O. Safonova, E. C. Constable and T. Graule, Evolution of structural properties of iron oxide nanoparticles during temperature treatment from 250°C – 900°C: X-ray diffraction and Fe K-shell pre-edge x-ray absorption study. Curr. Appl. Phys. 12(3), 817 – 825, 2012, times cited = 21, IF: 2.144.


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