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Publications: Dr. Samrat D

  1. Samrat Devaramani, Pandurangappa Malingappa - Synthesis and Characterization of cobalt nitroprusside nano particles: Application to sulfite sensing in food and water samples, Electrochimica Acta, 85 (2012)579-587
  2. Samrat Devaramani, Pandurangappa Malingappa, Micelle Mediated - Trace Level Sulfide Quantification through Cloud Point Extraction, The Scientific World Journal, (2012) 1-8
  3. Pandurangappa Malingappa, Samrat Devaramani - Surfactant mediated sulfide estimation at trace level: Application to environmental samples, Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 67 (2012) 761-766
  4. Malingappa Pandurangappa, Devaramani Samrat - Micellar-mediated extractive spectrophotometric method for the determination of Hydrogen sulfide/sulfide through Prussian blue reaction: Application to environmental samples. Analytical Sciences, 26 (2010) 83-87
  5. Samrat Devaramani, Ramakrishnappa Thippeswamy - Prussian blue analogue nanoparticle’s redox centres as electrochemical sniffing mediators for the simultaneous determination of persulfate and nitrite(Under Review: Analytica Chimica Acta)
  6. Samrat Devaramani, Pandurangappa Malingappa - Covalent anchoring of cobalt hexacyanoferrate particles onto graphitic carbon: A novel, renewable interface for amperometric quantification of sulfite, (communicated to Electrochimica Acta)
  7. Samrat Devaramani, Ramakrishnappa Thippeswamy, Pandurangappa Malingappa - Synthesis of nickel nitroprusside coordination nanoparticles by simple means: Its characterization and use as electrochemical sensor for sulfide estimation in sewage and water samples, International Journal of Electrochemical Science, (Accepted)
  8. Samrat Devaramani, Suresh Kumar Kempahanumakkagari, Pandurangappa Malingappa - Spectrophotometric method for the quantification of sulfite based on the spirolactam ring opening reaction: Application to food samples, (Under preparation)


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