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Environmental & Electroanalytical chemistry

Senior Lecturer : DR. Samrat D

P: +91 80 2750 6270

E : [email protected] 

Research Interest :Solid-liquid interface behavior of modified carbon substrate materials, Synthesis and characterization of new electrode materials.

Teaching Interest: Inorganic & Analytical chemistry

Academic Profile : Samrat Devaramani graduated with the title of Master of Science in chemistry from the Department of Chemistry, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, India, in 2006, followed by (2014) doctoral research under Professor M.Pandurangappa (Chemistry) on ‘ Methods for Analysis of Sulfite and Hydrogen Sulfide/Sulfide at Trace Level’, at Bangalore University. more ...


Senior Research Fellows

Semiconductor Quantum dots, metal oxides, QDSSC

Senior Research Associate : Dr. Chandan H R

P: +91 80 2750 6270

E: : [email protected]

Research Interest: Nanotechnology paved a for rapid development of various field of chemistry, physics etc. colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals also known as ‘Quantum dots’ have gained an enormous interest due to some of its unique properties. They have reported for the usage in various fields includes detection, biosensors and photovoltaics. Photovoltaics (solar cells) has gained huge attention due possible energy problem in near future. Hence, our interest lies in the synthesis of QDs and fabrication of material for better efficiency. more ...


Green Chemistry

Senior Research Associate : Dr. Jyothi M S

P: +91 80 2750 6270

Research Interest: Nanoscience and nanotechnology is a highly multidisciplinary field of applied science and technology covering a broad range of topics. Nanomaterials are single-phase or multiphase polycrystals with a typical crystal size of about 1 to 100 nm in at least 1D. Nanochemistry is concerned with the development of novel methods for the synthesis and characterization of materials in nanodimensions. The interest in nanoscale objects is due to the exhibition of different novel properties. Nowadays, the synthesis, characterization and application of nanomaterials represent a highly dynamic area in both scientific research and business communities. Definitely, the synthesis of nanoparticles is the crucial step in this area. more ...


Semiconductors for Energy and Environmental application

Senior Research Associate : Dr. Shwetharani R

P: +91 80 2750 6270

Research Interest: Nanoscience and nanotechnology is an incredibly broad and interdisciplinary area of research that has been burgeoning worldwide in the past few years.Global energy crises and environmental pollution are the two major problems of current world. The decline of fossil fuel reserve such as coal, petroleum oil and natural gas will give rise to volatility in fuel prices as well as its supply, thus resulting in economy instability. Photovoltaic cells (solar cells), which convert solar energy into electrical energy, represent one of the promising renewable energy technologies that can solve the future energy crisis and the conversion of solar energy to hydrogen by means of water splitting process using photocatalyst is another most interesting way to achieve clean and renewable energy systems. more ...


Development of New Synthetic Methodologies, Drug Design

Senior Research Associate : Dr. Reddy Dinesh Shrikant

P: +91 99161 53019
E: [email protected]

Research Interest: My research efforts mainly focused on the development of new methods and strategies for the synthesis of small bio-active molecules for therapeutic applications. A major thrust of our current research is the design and invention of new annulation strategies for the synthesis of carbocyclic and heterocyclic systems, with the aim of societal desire to improve chemotherapeutic efficacy and the economic pressures confronting the pharmaceutical industry. It strongly depends upon an effective collaboration between synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal, computational chemistry and pharmacological research laboratories to fulfill the goal of drug discovery. more ...


FESEM and pXRD Lab, Centre for Nano and Material Sciences, Jain University

Senior Analyst : MR. Yashwanth. P

P: +91 80 2757 7257

E: [email protected]

Field of experience: :Working in the field of Analytical chemistry from past 8 years. Past experience in the field of NMR Spectroscopy, CHNS Elemental analyser, HPLC, UV-visible, IR and Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS and GC-MS). Present experience in the field of Nanotechnology, Electron optics-FESEM and powder XRD. more ...


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