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Journal papers

  1. K. Rokesh, M. Sakar, Trong-On Do, Calcium Bismuthate (CaBiO3): A prospective sunlight driven perovskite photocatalyst for the degradation of emerging pharmaceutical contaminants, ChemPhotoChem,2020, 4, 373-380.
  2. A. Murali, S. Srinivasan, A. A. Boopathi, M. Sakar,* C. Suryanarayanan, N. S. Vanitha, R. Joseph Bensingh, M. Abdul Kader, S. N. Jaisankar, Copper (0) mediated single electron transfer-living radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate: functionalized graphene as a convenient tool for radical initiator, Polymers,2020, 12, 874.
  3. M. Sakar,* R. Mithun Prakash, Kiran Shinde, Geetha R Balakrishna, Revisiting the materials and mechanism of metal oxynitrides for photocatalysis, Int. J. Hydrogen. Energy,2020, 45, 7691-7705. (*Corresponding author)
  4. N. Ramesh Reddy, U. Bhargav, M. Mamatha Kumari, K. K. Cheralathan, M. Sakar, Review on the interface engineering in the carbonaceous titania for the improved photocatalytic hydrogen production, Int. J. Hydrogen. Energy,2020, 45, 7584-7615.
  5. M. Sakar, R. Mithun Prakash, Trong-On Do, Insights into the TiO2-based photocatalytic systems and their mechanisms, Catalysts,2019, 9, 680.
  6. M. H. Vu, M. Sakar, S. A. H. Tabrizi, Trong-On Do, Photo(electro)catalytic nitrogen fixation: Problems and possibilities, Adv. Mater. Interfaces,2019, 6, 1970076.
  7. S. Bharathkumar, M. Sakar, S. Balakumar, Fabrication of BiFeO3 nanostructures and their visible light photocatalytic degradation and water splitting properties, AIP Conf. Proc.,2019, 2115, 030167.
  8. C. C. Nguyen, M. Sakar, M. H. Vu, Trong-On Do, Nitrogen vacancies-assisted the enhanced plasmonic photoactivities of Au/g-C3N4 crumpled nanolayers: A novel pathway toward efficient solar light-driven photocatalysts, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.,2019, 58, 3698-3706.
  9. R. Shwetharani, M. Sakar, C. A. N. Fernando, Vassilios Binas, Geetha R Balakrishna, Recent advances and strategies applied to tailor energy levels, active sites and electron mobility in titania and its doped/composite analogues for hydrogen evolution in sunlight, Catal. Sci. Technol.,2019, 9, 12-46.
  10. K. Rokesh, M. Sakar, Trong-On Do, 2-(aminomethyl pyridine)SbI5: An emerging visible-light driven organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite for photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic applications, Mater. Lett.,2019, 242, 99-102.
  11. Manh-Hiep Vu, M. Sakar, Trong-On Do, Insights into the recent progress and advanced materials for photocatalytic nitrogen fixation for ammonia (NH3) production, Catalysts,2018, 8, 621.
  12. M. Sakar, C. C. Nguyen, M. H. Vu, Trong-On Do, Materials and mechanisms of photo-assisted chemical reactions under light and dark: Can day-night photocatalysis be achieved?, ChemSusChem,2018, 11, 809-820.
  13. H. R. Chandan, M. Sakar, M. Ashesh, T. N. Ravishankar, T. Ramakrishnappa, R. T. Sergio, R. Geetha Balakrishna, Observation of oxo-bridged yttrium in TiO2 nanostructures and their enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation under UV/Visible light irradiations, Mater. Res. Bull.,2018, 104, 212-219.
  14. M. H. Vu, M. Sakar, C. C. Nguyen, Trong-On Do, Chemically bonded Ni co-catalyst onto the S doped g-C3N4 nanosheets and their synergistic enhancement n H2 production under sunlight irradiation, ACS Sustainable. Chem. Eng.,2018, 6, 4194-4203.
  15. R. Shwetharani, M. Sakar, H. R. Chandan, Geetha R. Balakrishna, Observation of simultaneous photocatalytic degradation and hydrogen evolution on the lanthanum modified TiO2 nanostructures, Mater. Lett.,2018, 218, 262-265.
  16. M. H. Vu, M. Sakar, C. C. Nguyen, Trong-On Do, Enhanced hydrogen production by the protonated, sulfur doped and Pt-loaded g-C3N4 nanolayers, Mater. Lett.,2018, 218, 169-172.
  17. M. Sakar, S. Balakumar, Reverse Ostwald ripening process induced dispersion of Cu2O nanoparticles in silver-matrix and their interfacial mechanism mediated sunlight driven photocatalytic properties, J. Photochem. Photobio. A: Chem., 2018, 356, 150-158.
  18. S. Bharathkumar, M. Sakar, N. Ponpandian, S. Balakumar, Dual oxidation state induced oxygen vacancies in Pr substituted BiFeO3 compounds: An effective material activation strategy to enhance the magnetic and visible light-driven photocatalytic properties, Mater. Res. Bull. , 2018, 101, 107-115.
  19. R. Radha, Y. Ravi Kumar, M. Sakar, Rohith Vinod K, S. Balakumar, Understanding the lattice composition directed in situ structural disorder for enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity in bismuth iron niobate pyrochlore, Appl. Catal. B,2018, 225, 386-396.
  20. S. Bharathkumar, M. Sakar, S. Balakumar, Fabrication of bismuth ferrite based hybrid nanostructures: Insight into the catalytic and sensing properties for the detection of biomolecules, AIP Conf. Proc.,2018, 1942, 050045.
  21. M. Sakar, S. Balakumar, A mechanistic view into the morphology-reconstruction mediated facile synthesis of bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) hierarchical nanostructures, Nano-Struct. Nano-Objects,2017, 12, 188-193.
  22. M. H. Vu, C. C. Nguyen, M. Sakar, Trong-On Do, Ni supported CdIn2S4 spongy-like spheres: A noble metal free high-performance sunlight driven photocatalyst for hydrogen production, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.,2017, 19, 29429-29437.
  23. C. Ashokraja, M. Sakar, S Balakumar, A perspective on the hemolytic activity of chemical and green-synthesized silver and silver oxide nanoparticles, Mater. Res. Exp., 2017, 4, 105406.
  24. S. Titus, S. Balakumar, M. Sakar, J. Das, V. V. Srinivasu, Electron Spin resonance studies of Bi1-xScxFeO3 nanoparticulates: Observation of an enhanced spin canting over a large temperature range, Solid State Comm.,2017, 268, 61-63.
  25. P. Bhavani, N. Ramamanohar Reddy, I. Venkata Subba Reddy, M. Sakar, Manipulation over phase transformation in iron oxide nanoparticles via calcination temperature and their effect on magnetic and dielectric properties, I EEE Transactions on Magnetics,2017, 53, 1-5.
  26. S. Titus, V. V. Srinivasu, S. Balakumar, M. Sakar, J. Das, Electron spin resonance studies of undoped and dysprosium doped bismuth ferrite nanoparticles, J. Supercond. Nov. Magn.,2017, 30, 819-8123.
  27. R. Radha, M. Sakar, S. Bharathkumar, S. Balakumar, Sunlight driven photocatalytic water splitting using nanostructured bismuth tungstate (Bi2WO6), AIP Conf. Proc.,2017, 1832, 050031.
  28. M. Sakar, S. Bharathkumar, Rohith Vinod K., S. Balakumar, Visible light driven photocatalytic efficiency of rGO-Ag-BiFeO3 ternary nanohybrids on the decontamination of dye-polluted water: An amalgamation of 1D, 2D and 3D systems, ChemistrySelect,2016, 1, 6961-6971.
  29. S. Bharathkumar,* M. Sakar,* S. Balakumar, Experimental evidence for the carrier transportation enhanced visible light driven photocatalytic process in bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) one-dimensional fiber nanostructures, J. Phys. Chem. C,2016, 120, 18811-18821. (*Equal contribution)
  30. Rohith Vinod K., P. Saravanan, M. Sakar, S. Balakumar, Insights into the nitridation of zero-valent iron nanoparticles for the facile synthesis of iron nitride nanoparticles, RSC Adv.,2016,6, 45850-45857.
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  32. M. Sakar, S. Balakumar, P. Saravanan, S. Bharathkumar, Particulates Vs fibers: dimension featured magnetic and visible light driven photocatalytic properties of Sc modified multiferroic bismuth ferrite nanostructures, Nanoscale,2016,8, 1147-1160.
  33. M. Sakar, S. Balakumar, P. Saravanan, S. Bharathkumar, Compliments of confinements: substitution and dimension induced magnetic origin and band-bending mediated photocatalytic enhancements in Bi1-xDyxFeO3 particulate and fiber nanostructures, Nanoscale,2015,7, 10667-10679.
  34. S. Bharathkumar, M. Sakar, RohithVinod K., S. Balakumar, Versatility of electrospinning in the fabrication of fibrous mat and mesh nanostructures of bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) and their magnetic and photocatalytic activities, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2015, 17, 17745-17754.
  35. RohithVinod K., P. Saravanan, M. Sakar, V. T. P. Vinod, Miroslav Cernik, S. Balakumar, Large scale synthesis and formation mechanism of highly stable and magnetic iron nitride (ɛ-Fe3N) nanoparticles, RSC Adv., 2015, 5, 56045–56048.
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  40. M. Sakar, S. Balakumar, I. Bhaumik, P. K. Gupta, S. N. Jaisankar, Nanostructured Bi(1-x)Gd(x)FeO3 – A Multiferroic photocatalyst on its sunlight driven photocatalytic activity, RSC Adv., 2014,4, 16871-16878.
  41. A. Tamilselvan, S. Balakumar, M. Sakar, C. Nayek, P. Murugavel, K. Saravana Kumar, Role of oxygen vacancy and Fe-O-Fe bond angle in compositional, magnetic, and dielectric relaxation on Eu-substituted BiFeO3 nanoparticles, Dalton Trans.,2014, 43, 5731–5738.
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  50. M. Sakar, S. Arumugam, S. Tripathy, S. Balakumar, On the surface magnetism induced atypical ferromagnetic behavior of cerium oxide (CeO2) nanoparticles, AIP Conf. Proc.,2012, 1447, 355-356

Book chapters

  1. M. Sakar, * R. Mithun Prakash, C. M. Hussain, M. V. Shankar, Ferroelectric-semiconductors for photocatalytic energy and environmental applications, Elsevier, 2020. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-819049-4.00002-7
  2. M. Sakar,* A. Leelavathi, Plasmon-sensitized semiconductors for photocatalysis, Elsevier, 2020. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-819051-7.00006-3
  3. A. Murali, M. Sakar, * N. Malarvizhi, S. Priya, R. Yuvaraj, M. Selvaraj, R. Joseph Bensingh, Hierarchically nanostructured functional materials for artificial photosynthesis, Elsevier,2020, 229-255. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-819552-9.00007-5
  4. V. Navakoteswara Rao, T. J. Malu, K. K. Cheralathan, M. Sakar, C. M. Hussain, M. Mamatha Kumari, M.V. Shankar, Emerging trends in photocatalytic transformation of biomass-derived glycerol into hydrogen fuel and value-added chemicals, Elsevier,2020. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-819049-4.00017-9
  5. M. Sakar, H. R. Chandan, R. Shwetharani, Graphene-Paper Based Electrochemical Sensors for Biomolecules, Elsevier, 2019, 297-320. eBook ISBN: 9780128156391
  6. M. Sakar, Trong-On Do, Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Photocatalytic Environmental Remediation, Elsevier,2019. (Accepted)
  7. M. Sakar, Trong-On Do, Silica-Based Materials for Photocatalysis, Wiley,2019. (Accepted)

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