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Patents Details (Granted)

  1. Title:  Potassium-doped Ni-MgO-ZrO2 catalyst for dry reforming of methane to synthesis gas.
     File No.: 14/754,560, Date: 29-06-2015, Cuane Chung, Julian R.H. Ross, B M Nagaraja, Dmitri A. Bulushev (US Patent ) (Status: GRANTED)
  2. Title: Spontaneous dewatering of incoming feed with outgoing feed for mutual gains in commercially important processes. Application No: 201721011893 Indian Patent No: 348905. Date: 01/04/2017. P.K. Ghosh, Rhea Bhansali, Bharat Honmane, S.K. Nataraj, Sangeeta Srivastava and Rahul Pathak
  3. Title: Bi functional product for use in acid – free reduction of toxic chromium (IV), its synthesis and usesRef. No. 201641036352,  Date: 29-07-2021, Geetha R. Balakrishna, Mahesh Padaki etal (Status: GRANTED)
  4. Title: A novel process for the synthesis of boron enriched magnetic nanoparticles. Siddappa Patil, Sivaputra Patil, R S Keri, Geetha R. Balakrishna. Application No. : 6012/CHE/2014. Patent No. : 417312. (Status: GRANTED)

Patents Details (Published)

  1. Title: A novel process for the removal of mercury ions functionalized diatomaceous earth particles. Ref. No. PCT/IN2017/050321, WO2018/078641 Al  Date: 03.05.2018 , Pravin Patil, Madhuprasad and Mahaveer Kurkuri
  2. Title: Synthesizing CuBiSe2 eco-friendly quantum dots – a cost and time saving robust method using water protocol, Dr. R Geetha Balakrishna, Mr.  Akhil S, REF NO JBR.1152

Patents Details (Filed)

  1. Title: A Process of Photoelimination of Ethidium Bromide, a Potent Mutagen
    Ref. No. 3204/CHE/2010, Geetha R. Balakrishna*, Swetha S, Santhosh S M (Examined on: 07.08.2012)
  2. Title: A Process Of Water Disinfection Utilizing a -----------
    Ref. No. 3516/CHE/2010 , Geetha R. Balakrishna*, Swetha S (Examined on: 07.08.2012)
  3.  Title: A Process of Rapid Detection of -----------
    Ref. No. 3517/CHE/2010, Geetha R. Balakrishna*, Swetha S, K Venkatesh, Ravi Kumar Kaddeppagari (Status: Filed on 23.11.2010)
  4. Title: Silk-based bionanocomposite membrane and process of preparing the same, 2019,  Patent file no. 201941001934. Dibyendu Mondal, S. K. Nataraj, Manohara H. M., Sachin M. Shet. (Provisional patent no. TEMP/E-1/45819/2018-CHE).
  5. Title: An Improved Process for Metallization of DNA and Protein in Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) and Applications Thereof, 2019,  Patent file no. 201941001934. D. Mondal, S.K. Nataraj, Supratim C. Provisional Patent no. TEMP/E-I/45818/2018-CHE) (Status: Filed on 16-01-2019)
  6. Title: Multifunctional helical carbon composites derived from weeds and the process for preparation thereof,  D. Mondal, S.K. Nataraj, Supratim C. Provisional Patent no. TEMP/E-I/45818/2018-CHE) (Status: Filed on 16-01-2019).
  7. Title: Multifunctional helical carbon composites derived from weeds and the process for preparation thereof,  S.K. Nataraj, D. Mondal, A. Kanakaraj, Nidhi M.R. Provisional Patent no. TEMP/E-I/45817/2018-CHE (Status: Filed on 17-01-2019)
  8. Title: Method for sustainable chemical fixation of CO2,  Arvind H. Jadhav, B.M. Nagaraja, D. Prasad, K.N. Patil, J.T. Bhanushali. Provisional Patent no. TEMP/E-1/31925/2019-CHE, PCT Patent Filed No.: PCT/IN2020/050708 (Status: Filed on 13-08-2019, Indian Patent)
  9. Title: Method Of Extraction Of Algal Oil By Photo Catalysis,  R.Geetha Balakrishna, R. Shwethrani. Provisional Patent no. 201741030470  (Status: Filed on 29-08-2017, Indian Patent)
  10. Title: chemoselective hydrogenation catalyst composition and method for preparation thereof,  B.M. Nagaraja, Arvind H. Jadhav, K.N. Patil, D. Prasad, Vilas K. Manoorkar , Provisional Patent no. TEMP/E-1/5033/2021-CHE  (Status: Filed on 03-02-2021, Indian Patent)
  11. Title: Design of Metal Salt-based Ternary DES for Rapid Preparation of Metal ion Doped Metal Oxides Preparation and their Applications,. K. Nataraj, D. Mondal, Anita Samage, Manohara H.M. & Mahaveer Halakarni , Provisional Patent no. Ref No-IN202141033878 Applicaion Numbrer: TEMP/E- 1/36928/2021-CHE  (Status: Filed, Indian Patent)
  12. Title: Polyacrylonitrile based nanofiltration membrane composition and method for preparation thereof,. S. K. Nataraj, D. Mondal, Santosh K.N. & Ashesh Mahto, Provisional Patent no. TEMP/E1/17639/2021- CHE Ref No: 202141016298 (Status: Filed, Indian Patent)
  13.  Title: Method for preparation of polyurethane derived carbon from polyurethane waste. S. K. Nataraj, D. Mondal, Ashok Maraddi, Provisional Patent no. TEMP/E1/17644/2021- CHE Ref No: 202141016296 (Status: Filed, Indian Patent)
  14. Title: Solvothermal carbon induced bio-foam. S. K. Nataraj, D. Mondal, Glenita D’Souza, Provisional Patent no. TEMP/E1/17652/2021- CHE Ref No: 202141016297 (Status: Filed, Indian Patent)
  15. Title: Process for Preparation of Multifunctional Helical Carbon Composites Derived from Ubiquitous Biomass S.K. Nataraj, D. Mondal, A. Kanakaraj, Nidhi M.R,, Provisional Patent no.  TEMP/E-1/45817/2018-CHE. (Status: Filed, Indian Patent)
  16. Title: sustainable biomaterial nanocomposites for water treatment and process for preparation thereof P. Pal, S.K. Nataraj, Anshu Kumar and P. Prajapati, Provisional Patent no. Application PCT/IN2016/050216. Patent No. : 370456. (Status: Filed, PCT/US/Indian)
  17. Title: Dewatering process through forward osmosis using deep eutectic solvents with or without dispersed magnetic nanopartscles as novel draw solutions. A.V.R. Reddy, S.K. Nataraj, K. Prasad, D. Mondal, A. Mahto, P. Veerababu, and J. Bhatt. Provisional Patent no. Application Application No. PCT/IN2015/000322, Publication No. PCT Patent WO 2016027280 A3, US 2017/0044030A1. (Status: Filed, PCT/US)
  18. Title: New use of salt bitterns as draw solution in forward osmosis for energy efficient dewatering and process thereof. P.K. Ghosh, D. Mondal, S. K. Nataraj, A.V.R. Reddy, K.K. Ghara, P. Maiti, S.C. Upadhyay. Provisional Patent no PCT Patent WO/2015/136554 A1. (Status: Filed, PCT/US)
  19. Title: Seaweed polysaccharides based Superhydrophilic foam membrane for energy efficient oil-water separation R. Meena, N.D. Sanandiya, J.P. Chaudhary, D. Mondal, and S.K. Nataraj, Provisional Patent no PCT Patent WO/2015/056273 A1. US Patent 10,688,446 (Status: Filed, PCT/US)
  20. Title: The electrode for the high-capacity hybrid super pseudo-capacitor including the manganese oxide/carbon nanofiber composite manufacturing method, K.S. Yang, S.K. Nataraj, Bo-Hye Kim, Provisional Patent no Korean Patent 1011267840000. (Status: Filed Korean)
  21. Title: Organic-Inorganic hybrid catalyst composition and method for preparation thereof, Arvind H. Jadhav,B.M. Nagaraja, Divya Prasad, Komal N. Patil, Vilas K. Manoorkar, Provisional Patent no TEMP/E-1/19221/2021-CHE. (Status: Filed on 26-07-2021)
  22. Title: Carbon nanotubes-based catalyst composition and method for preparation thereof, B.M. Nagaraja, Arvind H. Jadhav, Komal N. Patil Divya Prasad, Vilas K. Manoorka, Provisional Patent TEMP/E-1/36928/2021-CHE. (Status: Filed on 26-07-2021)
  23. Title: MIL-88 (Fe) integrated sugarcane bagasse- derived universal adsorptive filters for water and wastewater treatment and processes thereofDr. S.K. Nataraj, Ms. Smitha V Kamath , Provisional Patent no. Applicaion Numbrer: JBR.1139  (Status: Filed, Indian Patent)
  24. Title: Coumarin-Nucleoside Analogs for Treating Tuberculosis and Method For Synthesis. SDr Amit Kumar, Dr Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Mahantesh M. Kurjogi, Anamika Shinha , App No 202141061932 (Status: Filed, Indian Patent, 30/12/2021)
  25. Title: Rotational motion conversion scheme for traveling smart free charger. A. Murali, R. Ramesh, M. Sakar, A. Lakshminarayanan, A. Karthikeyan, M. Sutharsan, S. Sukhumar, T. Meenakshi, S. Priya,  Appl. No: 202241008963 (Status: Filed, Indian Patent)
  26. Title: Solar online EV (Electrical Vehicle) battery charging system. A. Murali, A. Karthikeyan, M. Sakar, R. Ramesh, A. Lakshminarayanan, T. Meenakshi, L. Manivannan, M. Sutharsan, S. Priya Appl. No: 202241008961 (Status: Filed, Indian Patent)
  27. Title: Biogenic Synthesis of Single Crystalline δ-phase Earth Abundant Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles Using Mango leaves extract and Its Applications Thereof. Dr. Ramesh B. Dateer, Arnab Ghosh, Rhjeev Hegde, Akshay Limaye, Provisional Patent no.: JBR 1138. (Status: Filed, Indian Patent, 04-05-2022)
  28. Title: Method for preparing vanadium based cathode material for rechargeable zinc ion batteries. PDr. Debasis Ghosh, Dr. Nataraj Sanna Kotrappanavar, Radha N, TEMP/E1/44446/2021- CHE Ref No. 202141042037 (Status: Filed, PCT/US/Indian)
  29. Title: Silver Vanadium Oxide-Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite And Method For Synthesis Thereof. Dr. Debasis Ghosh, Dr. Rangaswamy Puttaswamy, Radha Nagaraj. TEMP/E-1/52314/2021-CHE Ref No. 202141046765. Status: Filed, Indian Patent, 013-10-2021)
  30. Title: Method For Sustainable Chemical Fixation of CO2.. Arvind H. Jadhav, Bhari Mallanna Nagaraja, Divya Prasad, Komal N. Patil, Jayesh T. Bhanushali. PCT Patent Filed No.: PCT/IN2020/050708. (Status: Filed, PCT/US)
  31. Title: Metal Alloy Nanoparticles Impregnated Carbon Adsorbent And Method For Preparation Thereof. Dr. Manav Saxena, Sai Rashmi Manippady, Dr. Akshaya Kumar Samal. Provisional Patent no. TEMP/E-I/52306/2021-CHE. (Status: Filed, Indian)
  32. Title:Terpyridine Analogue And Method For Synthesis Thereof. Dr. Ahipa T N; Samrudhi B M; Deepak Devadiga. Application No.: 202341014623 A (Status: Published, Indian)
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