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Research Activities: Dr. Nagaraja B M

Ph.D. Scholar : Itika Kainthla
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Synthesis of transition metal based Nano Catalysts for Hydrogenation, Dehydrogenation and Coupling Reactions. The hydrogen from dehydrogenation can be used for the hydrogenation reaction. Thus, coupling reactions avoid external hydrogen pumping, making it an environment friendly and economical process.

Ph.D. Scholar : Jayesh T Bhanushali
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : To develop an alternative bi-metallic CuSn and Cu-Ni incorporated on Nano MgOZrO2 support for Dehydrogenation of alkane/alcohols to alkene/ketones. The dehydrogenation of alkane/alcohols is an important industrialprocess due to its wide application in petrochemical and rubber industries.

Graduate Research Student : Nanjundeshwara Aradhya
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Hydrogenation & dehydrogenation reaction using basic oxide catalysts.

Graduate Research Student : Amrutha Kashyap
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Dye degradation by photocatalysis and sensing applications

Graduate Research Student : H S Varsha
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue

Graduate Research Student : Radha N
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Vapour phase catalytic dehydrogenation of ethanol to ethyl acetate

Graduate Research Student : Leela Pushkarna
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Photo assisted catalytic reduction of Nitrobenzene to Aniline

Graduate Research Student : Swathi M G
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Preparation of metal-oxides based catalysts for Benzoxozoles synthesis

Graduate Research Student : Sandhya N
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Synthesis of novel catalysts for simultaneous hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions.

Graduate Research Student : Chaithra C.R
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Research Interest/Thesis Title: Vapor phase catalytic hydrogenation of benzaldehyde to benzyl alcohol.

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