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"Centre for Nano and Material Sciences (CNMS) has hosted a broad range of research investigations in nano science since its inception in diverse research areas, such as Catalysis and Membrane Technology, Drug Discovery, Heterogeneous Catalysis - energy, electrochemistry & analytical chemistry, nano structure hybrid functional material and devices. Scientist and engineers can take advantage of the wealth of facilities, capabilities, expertise, and personnel that CNMS has to offer"   more...




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news Mr. Altaf Pasha Master of Science, PhD Scholar at CNMS, JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University) won the Fulbright Scholarship for the paper entitled "Exploring stability and toxicity solutions for mixed halide perovskite thin-film solar cells".
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news Ms. Samrudhi B M, PhD student working under the guidance of Dr. Ahipa T N has received 2nd place in “Oral Presentation” in the “International Conference on Chemical Sciences: Academia, Industry & Society Interface” jointly organized by the Department of Chemistry, Post Graduate Centre, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous Bangalore and Karnataka Science and Technology Academy, Department Of Science And Technology, Government Of Karnataka from 23rd to 25th June 2022.

news Miss Novuhulu Rhakho, PhD student, won 1st Prize in recognition of best poster presentation entitled "Sustainable synthesis of Cu2O nanostructures for the adsorption and degradation of fluorinated substances" at the International Conference of Chemical Sciences 2022 organized by Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore, held on June 23rd–25th, 2022.

news Mr. Puneethkumar M.S. research scholar working under the guidance of Dr. Arvind H. Jadhav won the Best Poster Presentation Award in 27th International Conference on Materials-Properties, Measurements & Applications, (ICMPMA 2022) organized by Fatima Mata National College, Kerala, India on May 9-13 May 2022.
Title: "Solvent-free fixation of Carbon Dioxide into Oxazolidinone Over Porous Mixed Metal Oxide Catalyst"

news Mr. Roopesh M, PhD student, in recognition of best oral presentation (2nd Prize) for the paper entitled “Evaluation of wound healing effect of curcumin loaded OPL carbon nanospheres embedded chitosan membranes” in times 2022 held on 7-8 April 2022 at Christ (Deemed-to-be University) Bangalore, India.

news Dr. Sriram Ganesan, a researcher in the group of Nano-Bio Interface and Supramolecular Chemistry, delivered an invited talk on “Diatomite: A naturally occurring material and its application to water purification” at International Symposium on Environment and Chemical Engineering 2021 (ISECE2021), organized by Department of Environmental engineering, Curtin University, Malaysia on 25 November, 2021.

news Mr. Puneethkumar M. Srinivasappa, Ph.D. student working under the guidance of Dr. Arvind H. Jadhav won the Best Oral Presentation Award presented at 27th International Conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences on Sustainable Chemistry for Future Technologies organized by ICT, Mumbai on October 26-28, 2021.

Title: “Solvent-free, One Pot Liquid Phase Synthesis of Oxazolidnone: Through Three Component Reaction of CO2, Epoxide and Amine by Efficient Porous CuCoNi Mixed Metal Oxide Catalyst”
Authors Puneethkumar M. Srinivasappa, Vilas K. Manoorkar, Suman Kusuma, Bhari Mallana Nagaraja, Arvind H. Jadhav*

news Ms. Komal N. Patil Ph.D student working under the guidance of Dr. B.M. Nagaraja won best Poster presentation award presented at International Conference on Recent Trends in 2D Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications” held at Pune University, Maharashtra on February 24-26, 2021

Title: Exploring the Confined Space and Active Sites of [email protected] for Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde to Hydrocinnamaldehyde”
Authors: Komal N. Patil, Divya Prasad, Arvind H. Jadhav*, B. M. Nagaraja*

news Ms. Komal N. Patil Ph.D student working under the guidance of Dr. B.M. Nagaraja won best Poster presentation award presented at International Conference on Recent Advances in Applied Sciences, Technology & Health” held at SRM University, Chennai on March 3-5, 2021

Title: Selective Vapour Phase Dehydrocylization of Biomass-Derived 1,4-Butanediol to γ-Butyrolactone over Cu/ZnAl2O4-CeO2 Catalyst
Authors: Komal N. Patil,Divya Prasad, Arvind H. Jadhav*, B. M. Nagaraja*

news Application form for JRF/PF position in CNMS. Fill up the application form along with your CV send to [email protected]

news Ms. Riya Chaudhary, M.Sc. student working under Dr. Amit K. Tyagi, Bioinorganic & Clinical Chemistry Group, won the best oral presentation award in AIMS-2020, 1st International Conference on Accelerating innovations in Material Sciences conducted by Department of Chemistry, BMS Institute of Technology and Management (BMSIT), Bengaluru on 6th August, 2020.
Title: Copper(II) complexes tethered with a quinoline-isoniazid core: Synthesis, characterization and in vitro therapeutic activity studies.
Authors: Riya Chaudhary, Manasa Kongot, Anamika Sinha, Dinesh S. Reddy, Amit Kumar*

news Congratulations to Lavanya C and Kusuma J for successful completion of their Ph.D. Thesis defense

news Centre congratulate Dr. Ramesh Dateer, Assistant professor for signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ‘CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad and JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University)’.

news Congratulations to Prof. R. Geetha Balakrishna for her recognition in an article “Women Scientists at the Forefront of Energy Research: A Virtual Issue”, in ACS Energy Letters

news Center would congratulate K. Jesna George for winning “Best Poster” award in an international conference, ICEE-2019.

news Dr. Sakar Mohan, Assistant Professor, CNMS was selected by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India (as one of 20 participants among 450+ applicants across India) to participate as a Young Scientist in the 4th BRICS Young Scientist Conclave, held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during 6-8th November 2019. He also gave a talk on his research works under the theme called "Bioeconomy".

news Ms. Riya Chaudhary, M.Sc. student doing research orientation under Dr. Amit K. Tyagi, Bioinorganic & Clinical Chemistry Group, won the best poster presentation award in Biophysika-2019, National Seminar on Biophysics conducted by Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi on 4th October, 2019

news Prof. R. Geetha Balakrishna delivered an invited talk on “Spiking hopes for stable Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells” in international conference “ICRAAS2019” at Reva University, Bangalore on 17th-18th October, 2019

news Center congratulates Dr. Shwetha Rani for receiving JAUW FY2019 International Fellowship from Japanese Association of University Women to work in Centre for Energy and Environmental Science, Shinshu University under the supervision of Professor Kazunari Domen for six months (October 1st 2019 to March 31st 2020).

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B.M. Nagaraja and his group published a research article in Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 106 (2022) 142-151 in which they reported on Selective Vapour-Phase Dehydrocyclization of Biomass-Derived 1,4-Butanediol to γ-Butyrolactone over Cu/ZnAl2O4-CeO2 Catalyst
Selective Vapour-Phase Dehydrocyclization of Biomass

Dr. Arvind H. Jadhav’s group and collaborators published an original review article entitled "Recent Developments in State-of-the-art Silica-Modified Catalysts for Fixation of CO2 into Epoxides to Organic Carbonates"
state of the art silica modified catalysts for fixation

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Ms. Divya Prasad, has secured CNMS Best Research Scholar Award 2020

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