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Total number of project sanctions received from 2012: 58
Total amount sanctioned since 2012: Rs 26.00 Crore
Total Assets (Instrumentation) Created: Rs 13.4 Crore

SL No. Name
(PI & Co-PI)
Project No. Title of the project Duration Amount (in Lacs) Funding agency Completed/ Ongoing
58 Dr. K. Pramoda GRD/1010/66/ 2022-23 Ternary Superlattices of Electrostatically Stacked 2D
Materials as Efficient Bifunctional Catalysts for Overall Water
2023-2024 30 VGST Ongoing
57 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout CRG/2022/000897 Soil nitrate and environmental NOx gas monitoring by advanced MXene based hybrid materials 2023-2026 48.98 DST-SERB Ongoing
56 Dr. Shubhankar Kumar Bose CRG/2022/002013 N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Functionalized Metal‒Organic Frameworks for Broad-Scope Catalytic Borylation Reactions 2022-2025 30.25 SERB-CRG Ongoing
55 Dr. Dinesh Reddy GRD/1069/70/2022-23 Bio-active pharmacophores conjugated with anti-tubercular (TB) drugs to assess for their biological action 2023-2024 3 VGST Ongoing
54 Dr. K. Pramoda SRG/2022/000988 Functional 2D Materials Targeting Methanol Reformers for Energy Conversion Applications 2022-2024 32.35716 DST-SERB Ongoing
53 Dr. Manav Saxena SIR/2022/000302 MXene/graphene nanoribbon composites with metal nanoparticles for electrical energy storage 2022-2023 17.90678 DST-SERB Ongoing
52 Dr. Manav Saxena CRD/2021/000428 Anisotropic nanostructures material-enabled/embedded mask and sanitizing solution to combat pandemic respiratory disease 2022-2024 40.10633 ASEAN Ongoing
51 Dr. Shubhankar Kumar Bose 01/3067/21/EMR-II Synthesis and Reactivity of Nucleophilic Diborane Compounds 2021-2024 7.81 CSIR Ongoing
50 Dr. Arvind H. Jadhav CRG/2021/000656 Sustainable Selective Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction into Value Added Products Using Tailored Metal Complexes as Electrode Materials 2021-2024 46.2366 SERB Ongoing
49 Dr. Sakar Mohan and Prof. Geetha Balakrishna TMD(EWO)/ ITISE-2020/05 Nano/membrane technology-enabled atmospheric water generator integrated with concentrated solar PV modules 2021-2024 378.1511 DST Ongoing
48 Prof. Geetha Balakrishna DST/SEED/SUTRA/ 2020/71(G) Photocatalysis of  Diary waste scum derived fatty acid methylester as a  potential biofuel for industrial applivcations 2021-2024 58.3624 SUTRA-SEED Ongoing
47 Prof. Mahaveer Kurkuri and Dr. Madhuprasad DST/TDT/DCP-31/
Design and fabrication of low cost analytical devices for rapid detection of hazardous ions in potable water 2021-2023 26.95 DST Ongoing
46 Dr. Shajesh CRG/2020/001901 FRET enabled fluorescent ratiometric temperature sensors on plasmonic nanoparticles : self-limiting hyperthermic nanoparticles 2020-2023 59.51 SERB Ongoing
45 Dr. Srinivasa Budagumpi CRG/2020/003099 Cobalt, nickel and palladium carbene complexes as molecular electrocatalysts for overall water splitting 2020-2023 50.98 SERB Ongoing
44 Dr. Ahipa T. N. CRG/2020/003151 Design and development of new cost effective carbazole based hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cells 2020-2023 39.82 SERB Ongoing
43 Dr. Shwetharani TAR/2019/000042 Functionalized MXenes/Metal Selenide (MSe2) and Metal Phospho-Tri-Selenide Nanohybrids: Electrochemical and Photo-electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution 2020-2023 18.3 DST-SERB (TARE) Ongoing
42 Dr. R Geetha Balakrishna and Dr Ramesh NU/IFC/INT/01/002 Functional materials for interdisciplinary application 2020-2023 29.755 Ministry of Saudi Arabia Completed
41 Prof. R Geetha Balakrishna and Dr Mahesh DST/TMD(EWO)/
Hollow Fiber – based portable membrane reactor for liquid-liquid separation in pharmaceutical and fuel industries 2020-2023 99.46 DST Ongoing
40 Dr. Akshaya K. Samal GRD No.831/315 Controlled Synthesis of Anisotropic Nanomaterials for Detection of Pesticides 2019-2020 5 VGST Completed
39 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout DST/NM/NT/ 2019/205(G) Self-charged energy storage devices based on defect engineered advanced heterojunction materials 2019-2022 44.38 DST Nanomission Ongoing
38 Dr. DH Nagaraj and Dr. Srinivasa Budagumpi DST/TDT/DDP-33/ 2018(G) Development of Heavy Metal Ion Sensor for Food and Water Analysis 2019-2021 28.83 DST Ongoing
37 Dr. Sakar Mohan and Dr. R Geetha Balkrishna DST/TMD(EWO)/
Design and development of photocatalytic membranes for simultaneous water disinfection and filteration 2019-2021 52.95 DST – TMD (EWO) Ongoing
36 Prof. R Geetha Balkrishna CRD/2018/000023 Development Of Metal-Organic Framework Nanofiber Based Photocatalytic Membranes And Reactors For Multi-Polluted Water Treatment 2019-2021 25.24 SERB - ASEAN Completed
35 Prof. S. K. Nataraj and Dr. Debasis Ghosh DST/TMD/HFC/ 2K18/124(G) Biomass Derived Heteroatom Doped Grap hene and Hard Carbon Composites for En ergy Storage Application 2019-2022 65.8539 DST-TMD Ongoing
34 Dr. Varsha Brahmkhatri TAR/2018/00547 Multimeric RGD containing Protein nanotubes conjugated with Gold nanorods for specific Cancer cell recognition and Therapeutics (TARE) 2018-2021 18.3 SERB-DST (TARE) Ongoing
33 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout KSTePS/VGST-RGS-F/
Energy storage devices based on 2D MXene and layered transition metal chalcogenides hybrids 2019-2020 5 VGST Completed
32 Dr Mahaveer Kurkuri TDP/BDTD/32/ 2019 Immunological Capturing of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) by Novel lab-on-Chip Microfluidic Devices 2019-2021 24.67 DST-TDP Ongoing
31 Prof. Geetha Balakrishna CRG/2018/ 000942 Design and Development of CsAX3 (A=Pb/Sn; X=Cl, Br, I) Perovskite Nanocrystals as the Emerging Class of Materials for Multiplex Biosensing 2019-2021 30.83 SERB-DST Completed
30 Dr Manav Saxena EMR/2017/003368 Synthesis of large area 2Dvertical heterostructures of graphene-metal/metal oxide and study their electrochemical and catalytic properties (2018-2020) 2019-2022 59.79 SERB-DST Ongoing
29 Dr. Akshaya K. Samal CRG/2018/003533 Design and Controlled Fabrication of Anisotropic Nanoparticles for Catalysis and Sensing Applications 2019-2022 60.61 SERB-DST Ongoing
28 Dr. Debasis Ghosh ECR/2018/001039 Towards Developing Flexible Miniaturized Lithium-Sulfur Batteries 2019-2022 34.3536 SERB-DST Ongoing
27 Dr. Shubhankar Kumar Bose EMR/2017/0844 Multiple Bonds between Transition Metals and Boron: Syntheses and Reactions of the Borylidyne Complexes" 2019-2021 54.84 SERB-DST Completed
26 Dr. Satyapriya Bhandari 3219/IFD/2018-19 Complexation on the Surface of Metal Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals for Application as Energy Materials 2018-2023 35 DST-INSPIRE Ongoing
25 Dr. Rajeshwari PDF/2016.001002 Fabrication and Elucidation of a Flexible and Wearable Biochemical Sensor to Examine Alcohol Level in Human Sweat through Detection of Ethyl Glucuronide 2016-2018 19.2 DST- SERB
24 Dr. Ramesh B. Dateer ECR/2017/ 002207 A Novel Approach for the Synthesis of Privileged Structural Motifs of the Drug Molecules and Natural Products: The Transition Metal Catalyzed C-H Activation Strategies and It’s Applications 2018-2021 21.98 DST- SERB Completed
23 Dr. Ramesh B. Dateer SB/S2/RJN-042/ 2017 Development of New Molybdenum-Isonitrile Complex Catalyzed Processes and its Application in Basic Chemistry 2018-2023 38 DST- SERB Ongoing
22 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout INT/AUSTRIA/BMWF/ P-18/2018 Defect engineering of 2D transition metal carbide-grapheneheterostructures for high performance hybrid electronic devices 2018-2020 9.35 DST Ongoing
21 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rout ECR/2017/001850 High performance microsupercapacitors based on vertically standing NiCo2S4/Graphene arrays with insights from perand Raman spectroscopy investigations and DFT studies 2018-2021 41.98 SERB-DST Ongoing
20 Dr. M. Sakar DST/INSPIRE/04/ 2016/002227 Design and development of photocatalytic metal oxynitride nanostructures for energy and environmental applications (INSPIRE faculty) 2017-2022 35 DST-INSPIRE Ongoing
19 Dr. Mahesh S Padaki SMYSR/2016-17/GRD-618/ 2017-18/100/436 Removal of Arsenic and fluoride from the ground water using membrane filtration 2018-2019 5 VGST Completed
18 Dr. Mahesh S Padaki DST/TMD/MES/ 2K17/61(C) Development of solid state super capacitor using Novel electrode materials. 2018-2021 53.57 DST Ongoing
17 Dr. Dibyendu Mondal EEQ/2017/000417 Improving the activity and stability of nanogel caged enzymes in presence of neoteric solvents for facile biocatalysis 2018-2021 35.6 DST Ongoing
16 Dr. S. K. Nataraj and Dr. Geetha Balakrishna SR/NM/NT-1073/ 2016(G) Ordered and functional nanomaterials for water treatment applications 2018-2021 159 DST-Nanomission Ongoing
15 Dr. S. K. Nataraj IFA12-CH-84 Innovation in science pursuit for inspired research (INSPIRE)” fellowship 2013-2018 35 DST-INSPIRE Completed
14 Dr. Madhuprasad YSS/2015/000013 Design and fabrication of reusable devices for the removal of copper, mercury and lead ions from water 2015-2018 18.48 SERB-DST Completed
13 Dr. Siddappa Patil YSS/2015/00010 Mono-, bis- and tris-1,2,3-triazole-based palladium(II) and nickel(II) N-heterocyclic carbene complexes as C-C/C-N coupling and olefin polymerization catalysts 2015-2019 22.4 SERB-DST Completed
12 Dr. Ahipa T. N. YSS/2014/000835 Luminescent liquid crystals for organo-electronic devices 2015-2018 19.4 SERB-DST Completed
11 Dr. Srinivasa Budagumpi YSS/2014/000032 Palladium(II) and nickel(II) complexes of nitrogen-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbenes as C-H activation and/or C-C/C-N coupling catalysts 2015-2018 25.75 SERB-DST Completed
10 Dr. Mahaveer Kurkuri DST/TM/WTI/ 2K14/213(G) Design and fabrication of disposable devices for quantitative detection of fluoride in field studies 2015-2018 25.9 DST Completed
9 Dr. Mahesh S Padaki SB/FT/CS-045/ 2014 Preparation and characterization of GO induced thin film for water purification 2014-2017 20.6 SERB-DST Completed
8 Dr. B. M. Nagaraja SB/FT/CS-044/ 2014 Production of hydrogen through the coupling of dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene and hydrogenation of nitrobenznene for the synthesis of styrene and aniline over different promoters supported on basic oxide catalysts 2014-2017 25 SERB-DST Completed
7 Dr. Amit Kumar SB/FT/CS-100/ 2013 The Development of Novel Transition Metal Therapeutic Compounds and their Interaction between Biomacromolecules 2014-2017 20.66 SERB-DST Completed
6 Prof. Geetha Balakrishna and Dr. Mahaveer Kurkuri SR/NM/NS-20/ 2014(G) Application of emerging nanomaterials in health, energy and water 2015-2018 289.57 DST-Nano Mission Completed
5 Prof.Geetha Balakrishna NRB-363/MAT/15-16 Preparation of an antifouling membrane by wet chemical methods and its performance study for filtration applications. 2015-2018 15.77 NRB Completed
4 Prof. Geetha Balakrishna W.11017/33/ 2012-WQ Development of new nanofiltration membranes for desalination and brackish water 2015-2018 22.81 MWS Completed
3 Prof. Geetha Balakrishna 37(2)/14/06/ 2014-BRNS Synthesis and development of fluorimetric/ colorimetric probes for the determination of Cu, Fe and Zn in blood serum and cell lines 2012-2017 18.66 BRNS Completed
2 Prof. Geetha Balakrishna 31/35/2010-11/PVSE Exploitation of unique properties of quantum dots for efficient energy harvesting in solar cells 2012-2017 37.16 MNRE Completed
1 Prof. Geetha Balakrishna SR/FT/CS-47/2010 Property tailoring in titania through the integration of nitrogen and fluorine for a feasible water disinfection process 2011-2015 21.25 DST Completed


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