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  • Dr. Arvind H Jadhav, B.M. Nagaraja and his group reports successfully synthesized hollow marigold CuCo2O4 spinel microspheres by a facile solvothermal method and employed as catalyst for the chemical fixation of CO2 and epoxide into cyclic carbonate under solvent-free conditions. The model reaction of styrene oxide and CO2 using 50 mg CuCo2O4 as catalyst and 8 mol% of TBAI as base was found to be an efficient catalytic system at 80 °C, 20 bar and 3 h of reaction time. A high conversion of 94% and selectivity of 94% was obtained under the mild optimized reaction conditions.

    hollow marigold

  • S.K. Nataraj, D. Mondal and their team developed novel functional nanocomposite materials for treating surface water which adulterated by hazardous pollutants such as dyes, pharmaceutical 3 wastes, surfactants, heavy metals, hormones, etc. The same as published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

    engineered solvothermal

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