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Research Activities
    • in the thematic area of cancer
    • in the thematic area of diabetes
    • in the thematic area of tuberculosis
    • in the thematic area of drug resistance
    • in other interdisciplinary thematic areas
Last five years publications
Group Members
    • Current
    • Former Members
Conferences / Symposia
Invited Talks and Awards
Open Positions

Former Members: Dr. Amit Kumar Tyagi

  1. Dr. Chinmay Bhat, Senior Research Associate
  2. Dr. Subrahmanya Ishwar Bhat, Senior Research Associate
  3. Ms. Manasa Kongot, PhD Scholar
  4. Ms. Sahana Kuntikana, Project Assistant
  5. Mr. Aditya Yelamaggad, Project Assistant
  6. Mr. Nanjundeshwara S, Graduate project student
  7. Mr. Panduranga Kulkarni, Graduate project student
  8. Mr. Rajeev Hegde, Graduate project student
  9. Ms. Pooja M S, Graduate project student
  10. Ms. Ashwini B T, Graduate project student
  11. Mr. Ningraju, Graduate project student
  12. Ms. Gurleen Kaur, Graduate project intern
  13. Ms. Pawanpreet Kaur, Graduate project intern
  14. Ms. Priyanka Avala, Graduate project intern
  15. Ms. Rashmi, Graduate project intern
  16. Ms. Priyanka, Graduate project intern


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