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Research Activities: Dr. Debasis Ghosh

We are actively involved in cutting edge research on the design and development of novel functional nanomaterials and nanocomposites and their incorporation into electrochemical energy storage (supercapacitor, metal-ion, metal-sulfur and metal-air batteries) and conversion devices.

  • Designing and development of supercapacitor and metal ion capacitors
    We are involved in cutting edge research on the development of high energy and high power energy storage devices by combining capacitive electrode with battery type electrodes. We aim to design flexible electrodes and novel gel electrolyte towards fabricating flexible supercapacitors and metal ion hybrid capacitors.
Debasis Research
  • Designing of rechargeable high voltage aqueous metal ion batteries
    Rechargeable batteries employing aqueous electrolyte can minimize the safety hazards from the flammable organic electrolytes. However, the limited voltage window of aqueous electrolyte limits the cell voltage. We aim to design novel high voltage rechargeable metal ion batteries with engineered electrodes and engineered aqueous electrolytes, focusing on both monovalent and multivalent metal ions charge carriers.
Hybrid Supercapacitor
  • Designing of high performance Li-S batteries
    Rechargeable Li-S batteries promise to be two to four times more energy dense, however at a fraction of cost than the current Li-ion batteries. We aim to develop high performance rechargeable Li-S batteries with particular focus on designing multifunctional host for high sulfur loaded cathode and engineered anode with improved cycle stability and high rate capability.
Textile supercapacitor
  • Design and development of functional nanocomposites for electrocatalytic application
    We aim to design noble metal free high performance multifunctional electrocatalysts for OER/ORR/HER application and develop high performance fuel cell and metal air batteries, in particular rechargeable Zn air batteries.

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