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Research Activities: Dr. Mahesh Padaki

Membrane Science: Jyothi M S & Vignesh

Focus is on desalination, brackish water treatment and removal of heavy and toxic metal ions. This extends the research towards preparation of nano and ultra filtration membranes, amphiphilic polymers and chemical modification of polymers, composites and blends, insertion of nanoparticles into membrane matrix and surface modification of membranes by chemical and physical methods. In this pursuit better diagnostic tools, methods, models and designs towards advanced membrane materials for improved performances like antifouling, antimicrobial, reduced cost and mitigation of its environmental impact, associated with water purification are explored. The ion exchange membranes for the dialysis and fuel cells, remediation of oil contaminated waters are our future research targets.



Design of a bare (SEM image indicating the poresize) and hybrid (AFM image indicating the surface modification) polysulfone nano membrane for chromium removal Photocatalysis for water disinfection.


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