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Current Members : Dr. Rangappa Keri


Present group member (PhD)

Name : Roopesh M
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Development of biodegradable nano porous drug eluting membranes or hydrogels for repairing infected wounds and membranes with antibiofouling properties.
Year: 2016-present


Present group member (Master)

Name : Thrilok raj
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Synthesis of NHC complexes and their application for organic transformation.
Year: 2018-2020

Name : Gautami R Karekar
E: [email protected]
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Application of nanocatalyst for synthesis of polyhydroquinoline derivatives.
Year: 2019-2020


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