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Publications: Dr. Varsha Brahmkhatri

  1. Mulleti, S.; Singh, A.; Brahmkhatri, V. P.; Chandra, K.; Raza, T.; Mukherjee, S. P.; Seelamantula, C. S.; Atreya, H. S., Super-Resolved Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. Scientific Reports 2017, 7 (1), 9651.
  2. Enhanced Stability and Activity of an Antimicrobial peptide in Conjugation with silver
    The nanoparticle, Indrani Pal, Varsha Brahmkhatri, Swapna Berac, Dipita Bhattacharyya, Yasrib Quirishid, Anirban Bhunia, Hanudatta S. Atreya. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science ,483,385–393,2016.
  3. An ultra-stable conjugate of silver nanoparticle and protein formed through weak interactions. Varsha P Brahmkhatri, Kousik Chandra, Abhinav Dubey and H. S. Atreya, Nanoscale (RSC, International),7,12921 -12931, 2015.
  4. Manganese (III) Salen Supported Onto Hydrous Zirconia: Synthesis, Characterization, and Solvent Free Aerobic Oxidation of Styrene. Ketan Patel, Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic, Metal-Organic, and Nano-Metal
    Chemistry (Taylor & Francis, International), 45, 539-545, 2015.
  5. Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) system in Cancer: Novel Targeted Therapies. Varsha
    Brahmkhatri, Chinmayi Prassana, and Hanudatta S. Atreya, BioMed Research
    International, (Hindawi, International), Article ID 538019, 2014.
  6. Nanomaterial based Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cancer. Asampille Gitanjali,
    Varsha P. Brahmkhatri, Hanudatta S. Atreya, Journal of the Indian Institute of
    Science(National), 94, 423-454, 2014.
  7. Efficient synthesis of biodiesel from waste cooking oil using a solid acid catalyst comprising 12-tungstosilicic acid and SBA-15, Nilesh Narkhede, Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Fuel (Elsevier, International),135, 253-261, 2014.
  8. Kinetic study of oleic acid esterification over 12-tungstophosphoric acid catalyst anchored to different mesoporous silica supports. Anjali Patel, Varsha Brahmkhatri,
    Fuel Processing Technology (Elsevier, International), 113, 141-149, 2013.
  9. Biodiesel production by esterification of free fatty acid over sulfated zirconia, Anjali Patel, Varsha Brahmkhatri, Namita Singh, Renewable Energy (Elsevier, International), 51, 227-233, 2013.
  10. Esterification of Bioplatform molecules over 12-tungstophosphoricacid anchored to MCM-41. Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Journal of Porous. Materials (Springer,
    International), 20, 209-217, 2013.
  11. Synthesis of Jatropha Oil based Biodiesel Using Environmentally Friendly Catalyst and Their Blending Studies with Diesel, SN Shah, A Joshi, A Patel, VP Brahmkhatri,
    Energy and Power(Scientific & Academic Publishing Co, International), 3 (1), 7-11, 2013.
  12. Esterification of lauric acid with butanol-1 over H3PW12O40 supported on MCM-41.
    Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Fuel (Elsevier, International), 102, 72–77, 2012.
  13. An Efficient green catalyst comprising 12-Tungstophosphoric acid and MCM-41: Synthesis characterization and diesterification of succinic acid, a potential bio-platform molecule. Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Green. Chemistry Letters and Reviews (Taylor & Francis, International),5, 161-171, 2012.
  14. 12-tungstophosphoric acid anchored to SBA-15: An Efficient, Environmentally benign Reusable catalysts for Biodiesel production by esterification of free fatty acids. Varsha
    Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel. Applied. Catalysis. A: General (Elsevier, International), 403,161-172, 2011.
  15.  14. Synthesis and characterization of 12-Tungstosilicic acid anchored to MCM-41 as well as its use as an environmentally benign catalyst for synthesis of succinate and malonate diesters. Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Industrial Engineering Chemistry
    Research. (ACS, International), 50, 13693–13702, 2011.
  16. Biodiesel Production by Esterification of Free Fatty Acids over 12-Tungstophosphoric Acid Anchored to MCM-41.Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Industrial Engineering
    Chemistry Research (ACS, International), 50, 6620-6628, 2011.
  17. Supported heteropolyacids: Synthesis, characterization, and effect of supports on esterification reactions. Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Kinetics and Catalysis
    (Springer, International), 51, 380-384, 2010.
  18. Biodiesel Production over 12-Tungstosilicic Acid Anchored to Different Mesoporous Silica Supports, Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Environmentally Benign Catalysts, (Springer, International)189-208, 2013.
  19. Behavior of Unmodified MCM-41 towards Controlled Release of Pro-drug Molecule, Cysteine, Varsha Brahmkhatri, Anjali Patel, Comprehensive Guide for Mesoporous Materials, Volume 3: Properties and Development, pp. 271 -284, 2015



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