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Research Activities: Dr. Arvind H Jadhav

We are “Ionic Liquids” (ILs) and “Heterogeneous Catalysis” research group in the “Centre for Nano Material and Sciences (CNMS)”, at the “Jain University” Global Campus, Bangalore. The main research attention of our research group is firmly based on “Green Chemistry” with particular emphasis on ILs and heterogeneous catalysis processes.  Our research themes lie in synthesis, characterization of novel ILs and heterogeneous catalysts for green chemistry applications. The interest in their applications has led to the development of a wide range of ILs structures. We investigate ILs applications, including the organic transformation, utilization of CO2 in organic reactions, different catalysis using ILs, electrocatalytic reactions, lubricants, biphasic chemical processes, or biomass processing. Meanwhile, we have also focused on ILs soft materials, ILs hydride materials, nanoparticles in IL solvents and their applications in heterogeneous catalysis processes, energy applications, and etc.

Ionic Liquids Synthesis and Applications
Colour change in the solid material in presence of mercury ions
Colour change in the solid material in presence of mercury ions

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