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Research Activities: Chandan H R

Nanotechnology paved the way for many innovations and development of various applications. Quantum dots, a colloidal semicondutor nanocrystals of vast interest due to their unique size tunable optical and photophysical properties. These properties has been exploited and has been reported for various applications like biosensors, detection and also photovoltaics.

In the present scenario, our present work include the synthesis, characterization and application of quantum dots towards photovoltaics. We are interested in synthesizing various QDs, viz, CdSe, CdS, CdTe, PbSe and PbS with better quantum confinment and stability with this we also synthesize core shelled QDs and near IR, IR and Far IR QDs for photovoltaic applications. Our main intention is to improve the energy conversion efficiency of quantum dots sensitized solar cell by modification by ligand exchange, followed by different fabrication technique. Our group also interested in synthesizing different metal oxides for this purpose with different morphology. Thus by synthesizing the better QDs with suitable ligands and by altering the fabrication technique we can develop high effciency QDSSC.

Our other activities include the development of QDs based biosensors for detection of various bio thret agents such as SEB toxins and TNase. We developed simple strip model for detection of TNase with possibility of field deploability. Other research includes the bio imaging using quantum dots.


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