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Alumni Members: Dr. Mahaveer Kurkuri

M.Sc. students:

  1. Sachin M. Shet
    Title of thesis: "Efficient and Simple Organic Receptor for Quantitative Detection of Fluoride in Real-Life Sample"
  2. Arjun A. G.
    Title of thesis: "Synthesis and characterization of Zinc supported Diatomaceous Earth micro particles as a drug carrier"
  3. K.V. Ajeya
    Title of thesis: Colorimetric Detection of Fluoride Using Naphthalene Based Organic Receptor.
  4. Manasa G
    Title of thesis: Synthesis and Characterisation of Organic Receptor for Naked Eye Detection of Mercury and Nickel Ion.
  5. Raveendra
    Title of thesis: Diazo Based Receptor for the Selective Detection of Fluoride.
  6. Iranna Udachayan
    Title of thesis: Chromatographic separation of dyes using modified diatoms in a microfluidic device
  7. Bhavya M. B.
    Title of thesis: Separation of dyes using modified silica in capillary column

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