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Research Activities: Dr. Mahaveer Kurkuri

List of Publications

  1. Ganesan Sriram, U.T.Uthappa, Richelle M. Rego, Madhuprasad Kigga, Tushar Kumeria, Ho-Young-Jung, and Mahaveer D. Kurkuri. Ceria decorated porous diatom-xerogel as an effective adsorbent for the efficient removal of Eriochrome Black-T. Chemosphere 2019, 238, 124692.
  2. Mahesh P. Bhat, Madhuprasad Kigga, Harshith Govindappa, Pravin Patil, Ho-Young-Jung, Jingxian Yu and Mahaveer D. Kurkuri. A reversible fluoride chemosensor for the development of multi-input molecular logic gates. New Journal of Chemistry 2019, 43, 12734.
  3. Ganesan Sriram, Mahesh P. Bhat, Madhuprasad Kigga, U.T.Uthappa, Ho-Young-Jung, Tushar Kumeria and Mahaveer D. Kurkuri. Amine activated diatom xerogel hybrid material for efficient removal of hazardous dye. Material Chemistry & Physics 2019, 235, 121738.
  4. U.T.Uthappa, Madhuprasad Kigga, Ganesan Sriram, Kanalli V.Ajeya, Ho-Young-Jung, Gururaj M. Neelgund and Mahaveer D. Kurkuri. Facile green synthetic approach of bio inspired polydopamine coated diatoms as a drug vehicle for controlled drug release and active catalyst for dye degradation. Microporous & Mesoprous Materials 2019, 288, 109572.
  5. Pravin Patil, Kanalli V. Ajeya, Mahesh P. Bhat, Ganesan Sriram, Jingxian Yu, Ho-Young Jung, Tariq Altalhi, Madhuprasad Kigga, and Mahaveer D. Kurkuri. Real-Time Probe for the Efficient Sensing of Inorganic Fluoride and Copper Ions in Aqueous Media. Chemistry Select 2018, 3, 11593-11600.
  6. U. T. Uthappa, G. Sriram, Varsha Brahmkhatri, Madhuprsad Kigga, Ho-Young Jung, Tariq Altalhi, Gururaj M. Neelgund, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri. Xerogel modified diatomaceous earth microparticles for controlled drug release.New Journal of Chemistry. 2018, 42, 11964-1197.
  7. U. T. Uthappa, Varsha Brahmkhatri, G. Sriram, Ho-Young Jung, Jingxian Yu, Nikita Kurkuri, Tejraj M. Aminabhavi, Tariq Altalhi, Gururaj M. Neelgund, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri. Nature engineered diatom biosilica as drug delivery systems. Journal of Controlled Release 2018, 281, 70-83.
  8. T. sadhasivam, K.Dhanabalan, Sung – Hee Roh, Tae – Ho Kim, Kyung – Won Park, Seunghun Jung, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Ho – Young Jung. A comprehensive review on unitized regenerative fuel cells: Crucial challenges and developments. International Journal of  Hydrogen Energy 2017, 42, 4415-4433
  9. Pravin Patil, Madhuprasad, Mahesh P. Bhat, Manasa G. Gatti, Shervin Kabiri,Tariq Altalhi, Ho-Young Jung, Dusan Losic, Mahaveer Kurkuri,Chemodosimeter functionalized diatomaceous earth particles for visual detection and removal of trace mercury ions from water. Chemical Engineering Journal 2017, 327, 725-733
  10. Ganesan Sriram, Mahesh P. Bhat, Pravin Patil, Uluvangada T. Uthappa, Ho-Young Jung, Tariq Altalhi, Tushar Kumeria, Tejraj M. Aminabhavi, Ranjith Krishna Pai,Madhuprasad, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri. Paper-based microfluidic analytical devices for colorimetric detection of toxic ions: a review.Trends in Analytical Chemistry 2017, 93, 212-227
  11. Bhat, M. P.; Madhuprasad; Patil, P.; Nataraj, S. K.; Altalhi, T.; Jung, H.-Y.; Losic, D.; Kurkuri, M. D., Turmeric, naturally available colorimetric receptor for quantitative detection of fluoride and iron. Chemical Engineering Journal 2016, 303, 14-21
  12. Madhuprasad, Mahesh Bhat P, Ho-young Jung, Dusan Losic and Mahaveer Kurkuri, “Anion sensors as logic gates: A close encounter?”, Chemistry: A European Journal, 22, (2016), 6148-6178.
  13. Chandan H. R, M. Venkataramana, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Geetha Balakrishna, “Simple quantum dot bioprobe/label for sensitive detection of Staphylococcus aureus TNase”, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 222, (2016), 1201-1208.  
  14. Pravin Patil, Madhuprasad, Tushar Kumeria, Dusan Losic and Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, “Isolation of Circulating tumour cells by physical means in microfluidic devices: A review”, RSC Advances5, (2015), 89745-89762.
  15. Tushar Kumeria, Jingxian Yu, Mohammed Alsawat, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Abel Santos, Andrew Abell and Dusan Losic “Photoswitchable Membranes Based on Peptide-Modified Nanoporous Anodic Alumina: Towards Smart Membranes for On-Demand Molecular Transport, Advanced Materials, 27 (19) (2015), 2950-2950.
  16. Tushar Kumeria, Jingxian Yu, Mohammed Alsawat, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Abel Santos, Andrew Abell and Dusan Losic “Photoswitchable Membranes Based on Peptide-Modified Nanoporous Anodic Alumina: Towards Smart Membranes for On-Demand Molecular Transport, Advanced Materials, 27 (19) (2015), 3019-3024.
  17. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Shervin Kabiri, Tushar Kumeria, Dusan Losic “Frit-free PDMS Microfluidic Device for Chromatographic Separation and On-Chip Detection” RSC Advances, 4, (2014), 15276-15280.
  18. K. Kant, M. Kurkuri, J. Yu, J. G. Shapter, C. Priest, D. Losic “Impedance spectroscopy study of nanopore arrays for biosensing applications” Science of Advanced Material 6 (7), (2014) 1375-1381.
  19. Tushar Kumeria, Manpreet Bariana, Tariq Altalhi, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Christopher Gibson, Wenrong Cheng, Dusan Losic “Graphene Oxide attached diatoms silica particles as a new nano-hybrid: towards smart natural drug microcarriers” Journal of Materials Chemistry 1 (45), (2013) 6302-6311.
  20. Manpreet Bariana, Moom Sinn Aw, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Dusan Losic “Tuning drug loading and release properties of diatom silica microparticles by surface modifications” International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 443 (1-2), (2013) 230-241.
  21. Tushar Kumeria, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Kerrilyn R Diener, Luke Parkinson, Dusan Losic “Label-free reflectometric interference microchip biosensor based on nanoporous alumina for detection of circulating tumour cells” Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 35, (2012) 167-173.
  22. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Fares Al-Ejeh, Jun Yan Shi, Dennis Palms, Clive Prestidge, Hans J. Griesser, Michael P. Brown and Benjamin Thierry “Plasma Functionalized PDMS Microfluidic Chips: Towards Point-of-Care Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells” Journal of Materials Chemistry 21, (2011) 8841-8848.
  23. Tushar Kumeria, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Kerrilyn Diener, Chen Zhang, Luke Parkinson, Dusan Losic “Reflectometric Interference Biosensing using Nanopores: Integration into Microfluidics” Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8204, 82043C-1 (2011).
  24. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Chris Saunders, Pat Collins, Dusan Losic “Micro and Nano Scale Structures of Diatoms for Emerging Applications” Micro and Nano Systems, 3 (2011) 277-283.
  25. Regis Mejard, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Hans Griesser, Benjamin Thierry, “Long-Range SPR sensors integrated in microfluidic devices for sensitive detection” European Cells and Materials 20 (2010) (Suppl. 3), 178.
  26. Benjamin Thierry, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Jun Yan Shi, Lwin Ei Mon PhyoLwin, Dennis Palms “Herceptin Functionalized Microfluidic polydimethylsiloxane Devices for the Capture of Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Positive Circulating Breast Cancer Cells” Biomicrofludics4, (2010) 032205.
  27. Emily Anglin, Rhonda Davey, Muren Herrid, Shelly Hope, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Paul Pasic, Maryam Hor, Michael Fenech, Helmut Thissen, Nicolas H. Voelcker, “Cell microarrays for the screening of factors that allow the enrichment of bovine testicular cells” Cytometry Part A 77A, (2010) 881-889.
  28. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Chantelle Driever, Graham Johnson, Helmut Thissen, Nicolas H. Voelcker “Multifunctional polymer coatings for cell microarray applications” Biomacromolecules 10, (2009) 1163-1172.
  29. Mahaveer D.Kurkuri, Matthew R. Nussio, Alec Deslandes, Nicolas H. Voelcker “Thermosensitive Copolymer Coatings with Enhanced Wettability Switching” Langmuir 24 (8), (2008) 4238-4244.
  30. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Chantelle Driever, Helmut Thissen, Nicolas H. Voelcker, “Using the BioOdysseyTMCalligrapherTM MiniArrayer to Form immobilized Protein Microarrays on Surface-Modified Glass Substrates”, BioRadiations, 2007,122, 26-28.
  31. Ho-Young Jung, Ki-Yun Cho, Kyung A Sung, Wan-Keun Kim, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri and Jung-Ki Park “Sulfonated poly (arylene ether sulfone) as an electrode binder for direct methanol fuel cell” ElectrochimicaActa 52, (2007) 4916-4921.
  32. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Jae-Rock Lee, Jae Hung Han and In Lee “Electroactive Behavior of Poly (acrylic acid) grafted Poly (vinyl alcohol) Samples, their Synthesis using a Ce(IV) Glucose Redox System and their Characterization” Smart Materials & Structures 15, (2006) 417-423.
  33. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, J. N. Nayak, M. I. Aralaguppi, B. V. K. Naidu, T. M. Aminabhavi “Sorption/Diffusion of Aqueous Mixtures of 1,4-Dioxane/Tetrahydrofuran through Blend Membranes of Poly (vinylalcohol) and Sodium Alginate: Their Compatibility and Pervaporation Separation Studies” Journal of Applied Polymer Science  98, (2005) 178-188.
  34. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri and Tejraj M. Aminabhavi “Poly (vinyl alcohol) and Poly (acrylic acid) Sequential Interpenetrating Network pH Sensitive Microspheres for the Delivery of Diclofenac Sodium to the Intestine” Journal of Controlled Release 96, (2004) 9-20.
  36. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri and Tejraj M. Aminabhavi “Polyacrylonitrile-g-Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Membranes for the Pervaporation Separation of Dimethyl Formamide and Water Mixtures” Journal of Applied Polymer Science91, (2004) 4091-4097.
  37. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri “Polymer-Layered Silicate Nanocomposites: A Study” CIPET Bulletin January Issue (2004) 43.
  38. Tejraj M. Aminabhavi and Mahaveer D. Kurkuri “Pervaporation: Polymeric Membrane Based Separation Technique” Polymer News 29 No 2 (2004) 54.
  39. Tejraj M. Aminabhavi, Udaya. S. Toti, Mahaveer D. Kurkuriand Lata S. Manjeswar “Water-Selective Polymer Membranes in Pervaporation Separation of Aqueous – Organic Mixtures” Polymer News 29 No8 (2004) 253.
  40. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri and Tejraj M. Aminabhavi “Pervaporation Separation of Water and Dioxane Mixtures with Sodium Alginate-g-Polyacrylamide Copolymeric Membranes” Journal of Applied Polymer Science89, (2003) 300-305.
  41. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Anandrao R. Kulkarni and Tejraj M. Aminabhavi. “Rheological Investigations on the Dispersions of Sodium Alginate and Guar Gum Mixtures at Different Temperatures” Polymer Plastics Technology and Engineering 41(3), (2002) 469-488.
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  43. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Anandrao R. Kulkarni and Tejraj M. Aminabhavi “Some Physico-Chemical measurements of Chitosan Polymer in Acetic Acid + Water Mixtures at Different Temperatures” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 86 (2), (2002) 526-529.
  44. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri and Tejraj M. Aminabhavi “Synthesis and Characterization of Polyacrylamide Grafted Sodium Alginate Copolymeric Membranes and their use In Pervaporation Separation of Water + Tetrahydrofuran Mixtures” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 86, (2002) 272.
  45. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri, Anandrao R. Kulkarni, Mahadevappa Y. Kariduraganavar and Tejraj M. Aminabhavi. “In Vitro Release Study of Verapamil Hydrochloride Through Sodium Alginate Interpenetrating Polymeric Monolithic Membranes” Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 27 (10), (2001) 1107-1114.
  46. Mahaveer D. Kurkuri and Tejraj M. Aminabhavi “Density, Viscosity, Ultrasonic and Refractometric Studies on Chitosan Polymer in Acetic Acid and Water Mixtures at 250C” Polymer News 26, (2001) 355-359.

Book Chapters

  • Raveendra M. Hegde, Mahaveer D. Kurkuri and Madhuprasad Kigga, (2019) “Current Scenario of Nanocomposite Materials for Fuel Cell Applications” published in the book “Sustainable Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites” ISBN 978-3-030-05399-4   Springer Nature publisher.

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