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Research Activities: Dr. Mahaveer Kurkuri


  • 2018: Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST) award for best research publications. Govt. of Karnataka
  • 2016: Editor for the American Journal of Nanotechnology (Science Publishing Group)
  • 2015: Guest Editor of Advances in Nanoporous Materials (Hindawi)
  • 2009 : ARCNN Young Nanotechnology Ambassador for South Australia Award (2,000 AUD)
  • Brain Korea 21 Post Doctoral Fellowship, South Korea

Invited Talks

  • Prof Mahaveer Kurkuri, “Nano-Bio Interfaces with Improved Functionality, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, Tamilnadu 6th Dec 2018.
  • Prof Mahaveer Kurkuri, “Nano and bio interfaces for improved functionality, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bengaluru, 19th -25th June 2018.
  • Dr. Mahaveer Kurkuri, "Nanotechnology: A Multidisciplinary approach to research", NITTE University, Karnataka, 4 December, 2015.
  • Dr. Mahaveer Kurkuri, "National Seminar on Advances in Polymeric Materials (NSAPM-2016)", Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur -515003, Andhra Pradesh, India, 5th to 6th February, 2016.
  • Dr. Mahaveer Kurkuri, Chemistry Department, SGC, JC Road, Jain University, Bangalore, India.
  • Invited talk 7th Bangalore India Nano (Dec 4-6, 2014)


  • International conference on “Advanced Ceramics and Nanomaterial’s for Sustainable Development” ACeND, Organised by Christ (Deemed to be University) 19th-21st September 2018, Bengaluru “Polydopamine coated naturally available diatomaceous earth micro particles as a drug carrierU.T.Uthappa, G.Sriram, Madhuprasad and Mahaveer D.Kurkuri, (Won best poster presentation).
  • International conference on "Advanced Materials For Technological Applications’". PSGR Krishnammal College for Woman, Coimbatore (Jan 03 to 05 2018) "Surface modification of natural diatomite as an effective adsorbent for removal of cationic dye from aqueous solution" G. Sriram, Uthappa U.T, Madhuprasad, Varsha Brahmkhatri and Mahaveer D. Kurkuri (Won best poster presentation)
  • National conference on Recent advances in Science and Technology (RSAT – 2017 ) SET, Jain University Bangalore ( 25  March 2017) "Colorimetric detection of fluoride using simple naphthalene based organic receptor" Kanalli V. Ajeya, Madhuprasad, Mahaveer Kurkuri ( Won best poster presentation )
  • National Conference on Recent Advances in Material Science and Its Applications (RAMSA-2016), SET, Jain University, Bangalore ( 24 September 2016) "Diazo based receptors for selective detection of fluoride" Raveendra M. Hegde, Kanalli V. Ajeya, Manasa G. Gatti, Mahesh P. Bhat, PravinPatil, Sachin M. Shet, Arjun A. G., Champa B. R., Madhuprasad and Mahaveer Kurkuri. (Won best poster presentation).

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