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Research Activities: Dr. Manav Saxena

Our group is focusing on solving basic challenges and finally technology development with basic scientific research. Interested area of our research is briefly mentioned here.

Low-dimensional new nano-materials: We are highly motivated to develop new low-dimensional nanomaterials and exploring their properties.

Bio-imaging: Our research interest is to design and synthesize bio-compatible multi-modal carbon nano-materials for bio-imaging. This multi-modal bio-imaging agent will show activity toward bio-imaging as well as MRI-agent. Our goal is to develop inert, bio-compatible material for the purpose.


Plant growth stimulation: Our research goal is to develop materials which could be used for hastening or delaying germination, manipulating weed population, seed storage in critical conditions, timing the life-cycle of a plant and developing more energy-efficient plants, especially in regions, where there is limited sunlight during significant parts of the year. These materials could be capable of releasing cationic and anionic nutrients slowly over time. Such action is correlated with the booster action of materials in supplying nutrients to the young plants. Thus, these materials might be a better choice than fertilizer or manure alone, due to the controlled and slow release of nutrients for better assimilation by plants.

Plant growth stimulation

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