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Group Members : Dr. Shubhankar Kumar Bose

Ph.D. Scholar : Mahadev Laxman Shegavi
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Synthesis of metal-boryl complexes and their reactivity towards C-B bond formation reaction”.  

Graduate Research Student : Meghana D. V.
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Metal nanoparticles catalyzed borylation of alkyl/aryl halides with alkoxy diboron reagents.  

Ph.D. Scholar : Abhishek Agarwal
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Multiple Bonds between Transition Metals and Main Group Elements: Synthesis and Reactivity Studies..  

Ph.D. Scholar : Ramesh R. Bhawar
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Synthesis and Reactivity Studies of Main Group Multiple Bonded Compounds.  

Ph.D. Scholar : Suresh Sani
Research Interest / Thesis Tittle : Supported Metal/Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: A Heterogeneous Catalytic Approach for Borylation Reaction.  


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