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Projects: Dr. R Geetha Balakrishna


Sl.No. Title Funding Agency
1 Property Tailoring in Titania through the Integration of Nitrogen and Fluorine for a feasible water Disinfection Process Department of Science and Technology, India
2 Exploitation of Unique Properties of Quantum Dots for Efficient Energy Harvesting in Solar Cells Ministry of new and renewable energy, India
3 Development of new nanofiltration membranes for desalination and brackish water Ministry of drinking water resources, India
4 Synthesis and development of fluorimetric/ colorimetric probes for the determination of Cu, Fe and Zn in blood serum and cell lines Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences
5 Applications of nano materials in water, health and energy Nanomission, DST
6 Design and Development of CsAX3 (A=Pb/Sn; X=Cl, Br, I) Perovskite Nanocrystals as the Emerging Class of Materials for Multiplex Biosensing SERB, India
7 Development Of Metal-Organic Framework Nanofiber Based Photocatalytic Membranes And Reactors For Multi-Polluted Water Treatment  SERB, India



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