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Research Activities: Dr. R Geetha Balakrishna

Research at Catalysis (Geetha Balakrishna) and Membrane technology (Mahesh Padaki) is interdisciplinary in nature dedicated to activities on sustainable development issues to meet societal demands for energy production and preservation of our environment. An essential aim is to deepen the fundamental knowledge necessary to understand catalytic and membrane mechanisms, so as to develop the nanomaterials and methods for safer chemistry and better environment. Catalysis is an essential workforce for the socio-economic development of industrialized countries and it is the requisite tool to destroy air and water pollutants for environmental remediation and to synthesize products with a minimum of energy and waste. Also the exploitation of bio resources for bio fuels and bio products cannot be achieved without catalysis. 

Another area of research includes the union of nanomaterial’s and membrane technologies for more efficient production of clean water and renewable energy and for effective protection of human health and the environment, all keys to a more sustainable future. Together the group aims at acquiring better knowledge of active sites and molecular mechanisms involved in catalysis and membrane interfaces. This necessitates the study of adsorbed species involved in the reaction as well as the determination of kinetic parameters at the elementary levels. The fundamental surface science approaches of well defined nano-oxides with new ultra and nanothin layers of membranes are explored. 

Our interests include, 


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